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RARE sterling silver & marine shell gents pair case key wind fusee verge pocket watch signed: GOUT LONDRES in good condition & in working order.
The watch dates from 1722 year, LONDON, ENGLAND.
DIAL: Original white color enamel (porcelain) dial with BLACK color wide roman numbers. Dial is signed GOUT LONDRES at twelve o'clock. Subseconds dial placed at six. Original blue metal hands As seen on pictures, dial is in very good conditions, no cracks, dings or hairlines as long as I see (please refer to pictures and don't hesitate to contact us for any quesdtion you may have).

*Please note: DIAL, MOVEMENT & movement protector made of yellow metal, are they all three signed GOUT LONDRES. As advised, LONDRES means LONDON in Spanish languaje, which indicates this watch was made on LONDON (on 1722) but it was destined to Spanish Market or to its Colonies on all America continent.
CASE: PAIR CASED: original sterling silver watch case & first outer case, both hallmarked inside back for ENGLISH STERLING SILVER. Marine-shell main outer case is spectaculary decored with a polychromed SAINT showing his GOLODEN AURA, which shines arround the head.
This is first time I found a work of art like this, during my thirty years collecting watches...
We belive he is ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST and seems to be in a scene with water on his back, probably represents the JORDAN RIVER, in which bank JESUS was baptized, just in the same bank where people of ISRAEL crossed JORDAN preceded by ARK OF THE COVENANT. I mention the ARK because we think that it appears on the scene to the right of St. JOHN, who appears to show the ARK to some hypothetical viewers to his left side.
Decored outer marine shell case is in very nice conditions: back side with polychromed scene is in very good conditions, any part of scene with SAINT shows a crack. Only damage I found on back is a small crack in aexternal floral frame under figure of SAINT, and a hairline near pusher.
Marine shell decored with floral green.

RARE sterling silver & marine shell JORDAN RIVER

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