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Interesting collector's item. This is one of the first timers made in series. Patent famous watchmaker John Harwood, later acquired by the world famous Rolex Watch Manufacturing Co. Original case, made in law 9K gold decorated with delicate engraving on the bezel Nouveau style (see photos). The inside of the box has several punches of English origin: GS, JW, 1011, 9 .365, GS. Original machinery, mechanical automatic loading type "hammer" uncrowned (The time setting is made by rotating bezel). The machinery is signed SELFWINDING HARWOOD WATCH Co. LTD, Fiften 15 JEWELS, TWO (2) ADJS. SWISS PATENT No. 1576120. original dial, signed HARWOOD to twelve hours. Circular window position indicator for setting the time set at six hours. If the circular window shows red, the watch is ready to be worn without danger of any accidental movement of the bezel change the time. Turning the bezel counter-sense setting the time, we red indicative that we can use it normally appears. Breguet style hands with blued finish. In nice running conditions (We have had several harwood and this is the only one that loads perfectly from one day to another and keeps the time only with a couple of minutes difference a day) .

As seen in the photos, the case very good general cosmetic condition is, without blows. Circa 1929. The watch comes with brown leather strap and gold buckle. MEASURES: 30 mm handle to handle, 28mm wide

9K running HARWOOD / AUTOMATIC PERPETUAL law 9K gold, c

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