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Presented for your consideration, an exquisite RARE ENAMEL locket pendant made in brass, showing at its frontal part a BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT LADY in a pink dress and in an elaborated white color wig, wearing a VENETIAN CARNIVAL MASK (see pictures, please). The hinged locket pendant is nicely decorated with an interlocking circles pattern engraved around the oval enamel. The locket opens to reveal an also hinged frame, which will allow the owner to keep a little rembering treasure or a picture of her loved one(s).

In the Georgian and Victorian eras, masquerade balls were all the rage for the upper classes. Masks were an exciting addition to parties, lending themselves to heavy flirtation and mischief. The masked lady so often depicted in Georgian and Victorian jewelry was a symbol of revelers, party-goers, and the romance, drama, and theatre of masquerade balls. With time, however, jewelers began to create pieces featuring the masked lady as a symbol of love; a number of masked lady jewels include romantic, intimate inscriptions. 
Although a variety of shapes, colors, and styles of masks were worn at masquerade balls, the type most often depicted in antique jewelry is the black velvet Colombina mask, meaning the style which covers the eyes and forehead but leaves the mouth exposed. This mask is said to have been invented for an actress playing Colombina (little dove) in the Commedia dell'Arte in the 15th century. The actress did not want her entire face to be hidden by a mask because she was extremely beautiful. Thus, the half-mask was born. Meanwhile, the color black in masks symbolizes sophistication, mystery, and seduction.

MEASURES52.50mm high including its hanging ring, 32mm wide.

Estimated AGE: circa 1890, Victorian era

GENERAL CONDITIONS: very good general conditions, showing normal-light wear. The locket pendant comes in a regular jewelry box, bourdeaux color. Please refer to the pictures.


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