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Presented for your consideration, an exquisite 18K gold pendant from Georgian period, circa 1800. This piece of art is masterfully decorated with natural diamonds, pearls and emeralds on its frontal side. Its back side has an oval hinged cover to allow a portrait or a small relic. Its unique hanging ring is decorated with a total of fourteen (14) natural tiny pearls, measuring just 1mm diameter, each, excepting the one on its top, which measures 2mm diameter. It also has a tiny natural emerald, measuring 3X2mm. The center of this piece has a 3X3mm natural emerald from which are born eleven concentric rays. Five of these "rays" are decorated at their end with a natural pearl (4mm diameter approx) and a tiny emerald. There is a "crescent moon" decorated with five (5) natural diamonds (double-rose cut, 2-3mm, each) at the top of the concentric rays (see pictures, please). There are two more 2mm pearls at the sides of the medalion, which ends with five natural tiny emeralds and two pearls, all of them set in lobulated bezels.

The back side of the medalion has an oval cover which allows a portrait or a small relic to be stored in.


This is an exquisite piece from the first half of the 19th Century, in remarkable excellent conditions.


Please, refer to the pictures, they speak by themselves.

MEASURES: 57mm high, including hanging ring, 33mm wide.


WEIGHT: 15 gr

ESTIMATED AGE:  1820 Georgian period.

GENERAL CONDITIONS:  very good+ general conditions. Please refer to the pictures.


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