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DIAL: original white color enamel (porcelain) over a concave metallic base, signed OMEGA at twelve. Subsidiary dial for seconds. Black color arabig numbers. As seen at the pictures, dial has a "hairline" between 12 and  1 hours. Origial blue metal hands.


CASE: original sterling silver case, hallmarked with a swan in the body of the pendant (the 'Swan' mark was introduced on 1st June 1864, it was used on silver articles imported into France from countries without Customs Conventions. Its use was discontinued on 1st June 1893 as it was now stipulated that all imported gold and silver should comply with the same conditions as that was manufactured in France). Case is fully signed & numbered (1564521) by OMEGA WATCH Co inside dust cover. As seen at the pictures, back cover has the side view of what seems to be the classical God Mercury bust, wearing his characteristical winged helmet, but this image in relief also could represent the concept of Liberty in the shape of a lady wearing a winged helmet. In front of the the face of the figure, there is the word PATRIA, also in relief (see pics, please). LOUIS BRANDT created PATRIA name in 1848, which years later will become OMEGA WATCH Co  under the command of their sons Louis-Paul and Charles-Cesar. The Omega brand name came along in 1894 with the invention of a forward-thinking 19-ligne movement created specifically with serial production in mind, which is the exact movement this watch is powered with. 

Bezel, case body and back cover's radius are decorated with art Nouveau vegetal motifs in relief, as well as the hanging ring and the pendant. Please refer to the pictures.


MOVEMENT: original mechanical with manual winding movement, 19-ligne, produced  between 1894-1911, open face caliber, bimetallic screw balance, Breguet hairspring; option: Reed's regulator.
The redesign of this caliber, introduced 1911, was renamed to Omega 42.7 in 1919.
Swiss Patent 8760:
stem setting mechanism with clutch wheel and rocker bar, prevents moving of hands when switching to winding position, applied 08-01-1894 by Louis Brandt & Frère


WORKING ORDER: it is in good running conditions (not checked for accuracy).

MEASURES: 53mm diameter without crown or ring, 74mm high including standing ring.


GENERAL CONDITIONS:  very good  general conditions, showing normal wear, please refer to the pictures.



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