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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the clocks work?

All our antique clocks are in working order, but given its age, can not guarantee the accuracy thereof.

They repair watches and pens?

If the fountain clock or need some repair, we have our own repair service. All kinds of watches, jewelery and comprehensive repair fountain pens, from the feeder to the replenishment of new points of iridium in gold nibs.

Send Us an e-mail stating the problem to repair and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

We will not be responsible for the cost of repairs by watchmakers or specialists outside our workshop.


Seeking a specific part that I find

If you. You are looking for a specific watch or pen, please contact us. Gladly we will check our stock if we had what you. Looking for, or what we would look for you. More than 20 years in the sector guarantee our effectiveness.

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